Sample Tracking Viewer

Data Viewer Click on the image or label to view collection, processing, characterization, distribution, and trackingb reports on patient blood samples and tissues. Blood sample are longitudinal, and aliquots are processed to plasma and serum. Tissues from polyp and cancer patient surgeries. Access to this data is restricted to the Cancer Care Engineering Project Researchers Group.

Blood Sample Collection

Clinic Collected Samples to IUCC

Blood Sample Tracking

Aliquots Transferred to Bindley
Bindley Stored Aliquots
Aliquots Distributed from Bindley Returned from Lab to Storage

Polyp Pathology Report Cancer Tissue Report Distributed Polyp Tissue Distributed Frozen Cancer Tissue Distributed FFPE Cancer Tissue

For a quick look at some of the types of data collected from consented patients, browse CCE Data Fields for the Web-Forms.