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  1. Cancer Care Engineering Retreat 2008

    28 Aug 2008 | Series | Contributor(s): Julie S. Nagel

    The 3rd Annual Cancer Care Engineering Retreat was held in Lebanan, Indiana on June 20, 2008. The Retreat Agenda included presentations by Joe Pekny, Marietta Harrison, Brad Doebbling, Julie Nagel, Gabi Chiorian, Stan Hamilton, David Ebert, Ann Christine Catlin and Reha Uzsoy. Video of the...

  2. Sample Acquisition Resources for Cancer Care Engineering

    13 Oct 2008 | Series

    Sample Acquisition and Management Samples (blood and tissue) and data (demographic, diagnosis and diet history) will be obtained from patients entering the Multidisciplinary Gastrointestinal Oncology Clinics at the IUSCC and the IU Medial Center for colonoscopies. Documents describing the...

  3. Biological Data Analysis Laboratories

    13 Oct 2008 | Series

    The Biological Data Analysis Laboratories at IUSCC and Purdue UniversityProcessed samples will undergo lipidomic, oxidative stress, and SNP analysis at the IU Simon Cancer Center and global proteomic, glycoproteomic and metabolomic analysis at Purdue University. These analyses are a major focus...

  4. Integrative Mathematical Models

    13 Oct 2008 | Series

    Statistical, Population-based and Agent-based ModelingData from the four OMIC analyses will be transferred to the statistical modelers for integration and analysis. Integrative statistical modeling is the core of the clinical aspects of the CCE project. The goal is to develop and implement a...

  5. Visual Analytics for GCxGC-MS Data

    13 Oct 2008 | Series | Contributor(s): David S. Ebert, Ross Maciejewski

    Visual Analytics for OMIC DataA critical issue for the CCE project is how to rapidly evaluate and validate model predictions. An interactive, integrated, visual and statistical analysis capability was developed that will serve as a model for future CCE projects. An interactive visual analytic...

  6. Health Services Research

    13 Oct 2008 | Series

    Improving Cancer Care Delivery for Indiana Veterans: Health Services Research The overall goal is to measure the added value of combining Veterans Health Administration (VHA) and non-VHA electronic medical record (EMR) data resources, versus VHA data alone, in assessing care delivery for...

  7. Xu Lipidomics Analysis Laboratory

    14 Oct 2008 | Series | Contributor(s): Yan Xu, HUI CAI

    The lipidomic approach in the laboratory of Yan Xu deals with understanding, at the molecular level, the mechanism of development of ovarian, breast, prostate, and other malignancies. These include developing effective diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers for these diseases and novel therapeutic...

  8. Raftery Metabolomics Analysis Laboratory

    07 Feb 2009 | Series | Contributor(s): Daniel Raftery, Lingyan Liu

    The Raftery Group is led by Professor M. Daniel Raftery of Purdue University's Department of Chemistry. Their research focuses on the development and application of advanced methods in metabolomics and bioanalytical NMR spectroscopy. Professor Raftery's laboratory utilizes the latest...

  9. Regnier Glycoproteomics Analysis Laboratory

    07 Feb 2009 | Series | Contributor(s): wonryeon cho, Ann Christine Catlin

    While entire proteome approaches for biomarker discovery have held great promise for biomarker discovery, significant challenges have arisen in their use. The most significant is that ten proteins make up ninety percent of plasma, and removal of these proteins is costly and only marginally...

  10. Global Proteomics Analysis Laboratory

    07 Feb 2009 | Series | Contributor(s): Ann Christine Catlin

    The proteomic and metabolomic laboratory at Purdue University's Bindley Bioscience Center performs global proteomics analysis for the CCE project. The facility uses proteomic and metabolomic tools to evaluate biological problems such as oxidative stress and apoptosis, cancer, aging and...