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  1. API-4000 Instrument Setup : Lipidomics for Cancer Care Engineering

    14 Oct 2008 | Notes | Contributor(s): Zhenwen Zhao, HUI CAI

    This document describes the setup for the API-4000 mass spectrometry instrument in preparation for lipidomics analysis of the plasma processed from the patient whole blood.

  2. Sample Preparation Protocol: Lipidomics for Cancer Care Engineering

    14 Oct 2008 | Notes | Contributor(s): HUI CAI, Zhenwen Zhao

    This document describes the preparation of the plasma sample for lipidomics analysis using the API-4000 mass spectrometer. The plasma was processed from the patient whole blood at the IUSCC clinic immediately following sample acquisition.

  3. Call for Chapters

    21 Jan 2009 | Notes | Contributor(s): Michael Burdick

    This call for chapters seeks foundation-building research on e-research collaboration issues in the Arts and Humanity, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Life Sciences, Engineering, Medicine and Business disciplines.E-Research Collaboration can be defined as the use of information communication...

  4. XCT PLUS: Agilent 1100 Series HPLC-Chip/MS System

    14 Feb 2009 | Notes

    Nanospray LC/MS is well established as state-of-the-art technology because of its high sensitivity and lowsample consumption. It is most often used for applications with limited sample amounts or when there is a need for analysis of trace level components in complex mixtures. Although nanospray...

  5. Global Proteomics Workflows

    14 Feb 2009 | Notes

    These slides diagram the global proteomics workflows at Bindley Bioscience Center, Purdue University.Catherine Paige Riley, Jiri Adamed, Charles BuckBindley Bioscience CenterPurdue UniversityCatherine P. Riley, Erik S. Gough, Jing He, Shrinivas S. Jandhyala, Brad Kennedy, Seza Orcun, Mourad...

  6. Procedure for Autoclaving Biohazard Waste

    15 Apr 2011 | Notes | Contributor(s): Marie Kellemen

    For Biohazardous waste (not including sharps):1) Take the sealed biohazard bags to room 1162) Put bags in metal tray found to the right of the autoclave3) Close the door and turn the white switch/ (steering-wheel looking thing) to the right until it will no longer turn4) On the control panel,...

  7. Log of Antibodies (and other biological reagents) Ordered

    31 Aug 2011 | Notes

    When you order an antibody or other biological reagent that has a defined expiration date (i.e.: a secondary antibody that is only stable for three months upon reconstitution), please add it to the attached document, including the name of the material, the date the item arrived in the lab,...

  8. Mesothelioma Doctors

    21 Nov 2011 | Notes | Contributor(s): Robert Warner

    Because mesothelioma is so rare, representing about 0.3 percent of all diagnosed cancers annually, and has no known cure, people who have the disease are urged to find a specialist to treat it. Doctors trained in asbestos-related diseases typically provide the highest quality of care for...

  9. Journals Relevant To Our Work

    16 May 2013 | Notes | Contributor(s): Bingjie Hu

    This is a list of Journals relevant to our work compiled by Jared Thompson(posted by Bingjie)* = average relevance + =average qualityAngewandte Chemie ** +++++ACS Chemical Biology *** +++Biochemical & Biophysical Research Comm. *** +++Biochemica et Biophysica Acta*** +++Bioorganic and Medicinal...

  10. Windows Installation: AutoDock 4.2

    20 Aug 2013 | Notes | Contributor(s): Neha Rana

    Go to to download page:1.Download AutoDock4.2 by clicking “proceed to download page”. Choose windows platform. Once the binary is downloaded, click on the file and it will install automatically.2.Download ADT by clicking “instructions”. This will...