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  1. Peptide Synthesis Materials Cost Analysis

    06 Jan 2009 | Contributor(s): Erin Blaze Biddle

    This Word document allows you to estimate the cost of the materials used in a peptide synthesis. It includes the cost of CLEAR-Amide resin, amino acid coupling, photocleavable linker coupling, and TFA cleavage using the standard, small-scale protocol normally used in the Parker lab. (50umol...

  2. Syndromic Surveillance Hypothesis Development Using Visual Analytics

    09 Sep 2008 | Downloads | Contributor(s): Ross Maciejewski, David S. Ebert

    When analyzing syndromic surveillance data, health care officials look for areas with unusually high cases of syndromes. Unfortunately, many outbreaks are difficult to detect because their signal is obscured by the statistical noise. Consequently, many detection algorithms have a high false...

  3. Lifestyle Exposure Questionnaire

    02 Oct 2008 | Downloads | Contributor(s): Kyle Nicholas Kurasz, Rajendran Sellamuthu, Ann Christine Catlin

    This questionnaire will be adminstered to all consented patients to collect information on their lifestyle and environmental exposures.James Klaunig, PhD, Associate Director, IU Simon Cancer Center, Director, Center for Environmental Health

  4. Metabolomics-Based Methods for Biomarker Discovery of Disease

    06 Oct 2008 | Downloads | Contributor(s): Daniel Raftery

    The presentation gives an overview of metabolomics and Cancer Care Engineering.The combination of NMR and multivariate statistical analysis is providing a new way to analyze complex samples such as biofluids. The field of metabolite profiling or "metabolomics" has significant implications for...

  5. Peptide mass spec details calculator

    22 Nov 2008 | Downloads | Contributor(s): Laurie Parker

    This spreadsheet can be used to predict peptide molecular weights, predicted m/z values, predicted MS/MS fragment ions and deletions and terminations obtained during solid phase peptide synthesis.All of the standard amino acids can be used with the spreadsheet using their one-letter codes, and...

  6. BioMap: Biomedical Associations and Pathways

    03 Dec 2008 | Downloads

    BioMap is an attempt to create a scalable knowledgebase of biological relationships extracted from the vast amount of biomedical literature data. Biomap discovers associations among biological entities from literature and validates these associations.Large number of associations among various...

  7. PCTX and N2A Image slide show

    18 Mar 2009 | Downloads | Contributor(s): Stephanie Kidd, Laurie Parker

  8. The ITMIG Annual Newsletter : December 2012

    19 Jan 2013 | Downloads | Contributor(s): Frank Detterbeck, James Huang, Ann Christine Catlin

    ITMIG continues on a steep trajectory. Looking back, we have accomplished a lot since ITMIG was born on May 5, 2010. Looking forward, we have ambitious plans – but given all the things we have achieved despite the challenges, trying to rise to a higher level of accomplishments each year is...

  9. Standards Portal CDEs Complete View

    10 Sep 2013 | Downloads | Contributor(s): Ann Christine Catlin, Denise Warzel, Sherri de Coronado, Sharon Gaheen

    This DataView for the Standards Portal CDEsis used to view, browse, search, explore and download the complete set of columns for NCI common data elements standards at the Hub. These CDEs were brought to the Hub for clarification, discussion and discovery. They were assembled by authorized groups...

  10. Nikki's New Test 072513

    25 Jul 2013 | Downloads | Contributor(s): Nikki H

    This is an example image uploaded somewhere else. See also "Figure 1" under the "Supporting Docs" tab.What is Lorem Ipsum? Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Morbi sit amet scelerisque mi. Praesent ante eros, ultricies a laoreet ut, tincidunt et magna. Nullam nibh diam,...