Uploading Large Files to your ITMIG Patient Data Repository : Step-by-Step Instructions

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Follow these instructions to upload large files (> 5GB) to your ITMIG patient data repository.

Files larger than 5GB cannot be uploaded using the Web Upload button.

To upload large files for your patients, you first need to transfer your files to cceHUB using SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol). After your files are transferred to cceHUB, you will be able to upload those files to your patient repository using the Server Upload button.

You can use Server Upload to upload any files to your patient repository, no matter what size the files are. Server Upload is an easy way to upload large collections of files as well as large files.

Getting an SFTP Client (e.g., FIleZilla)

Before you use the Server Upload button, you will need to install an SFTP Client such as FileZilla to transfer your files to cceHUB.
FileZilla is very user-friendly and is easy to install. Click here to get FileZilla.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Uploading Files with Server Upload

Once you have an SFTP client like FileZilla on your desktop , you can transfer files to cceHUB and then upload them to the ITMIG Repository for your patients using the Server Upload button. Follow these easy steps.

Step What to do More details Screenshot (click to open full size)
Step 1 Enter SFTP setup information Enter this information in the SFTP client
  • Host: ccehub.org
  • Port: 22
  • Protocol: SFTP-SSH File Transfer Protocol
  • User: Your cceHUB username (example: acc)
  • Password: Your cceHUB password
  • Click on Connect
Step 2 Accept host key Click on OK to accept the host key and connect. (you will do this only once)  
Step 3 Change Remote site Type /db/tmp/username for remote site, where "username" is your cceHUB username (example: acc). This will change the location where cceHUB is looking for your transferred files.

Step 4 Transfer your files to cceHUB Select a file from your desktop (on the left of the SFTP client). Right click and select Upload on the drop down menu to transfer the file to cceHUB. It will appear on the right side of the SFTP client.

Note: Upload individual files and zip files only. Folders are not allowed in zip files.
Step 5 Upload files to your patients Go to the ITMIG Database page and select your patient & episode. You can now click the Server Upload button. Select the files to load into the ITMIG repository for your patient and click OK.

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