Executive Summary for the Cancer Care Engineering Project

By Ann Christine Catlin1, Marietta L. Harrison1, Patrick J. Loehrer Sr., MD2, Joseph F Pekny1, Luanne Mi, Sumudinie Fernando1, Sudheera R. Fernando1, Ruchith1

1. Purdue University 2. Indiana University School of Medicine



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image The Warfighter Cancer Care Engineering Research Project (WCCE) views cancer as a system that can be described and modeled for predictive behavior, by applying the principles of systems engineering to cancer prevention, detection, treatment and care delivery. Our approach of viewing multiple aspects of cancer as a continuum within a system (as opposed to discrete, poorly connected entities) offers a powerful methodology for optimizing the cancer care engineering system for efficacy and efficiency. WCCE focuses on

  • identifying molecular signatures (biomarkers) for early detection and treatment outcomes,
  • creating predictive models for optimal care delivery to all segments of the population, and.
  • decreasing deaths from colon cancer by improving screening rates

A key element in the WCCE vision is the rapid clinical validation of emerging results, allowing the system to be iteratively refined and improved.

The WCCE project is built on a framework that enables the identification of gaps and barriers in the colon cancer system such that suggested improvements can be rapidly tested. The core concept of the framework is a pipeline of colon cancer-related epidemiologic data that focuses on screening rates, disease incidence, and death rates in Indiana, as well as biological sample collection, targeted OMIC analyses, statistical modeling, visualization, integration of epidemiologic and clinical data, and predictive modeling. This framework is supported by the cceHUB cyber infrastructure where annotated data is stored, handled, queried, modeled and visualized in a single, easily accessible environment.

The comprehensive infrastructure provides a novel approach for discovery research and engineering-focused projects -- to support research communities as they work to modify the current system of cancer prevention, early detection, and treatment.

Click the black View Link button to browse and search the WCCE Publications Database for the Cancer Care Engineering Project 2008-2013. If you belong to the WCCE project researchers group, you can add your publication to the Publications Database.

Only members of the WCCE project researchers group can access and explore clinical data, sample tracking data, laboratory data and analysis results contributed by the CCE research team 2009 - 2013.

Click to access the DataViews for data exploration:

The summary DataViews are used to assess the successful completion of the goals of the project. In the table below, links to the DataViews are in column 1 and descriptions of the DataViews are in column 2. Click on the links in column 1 for the data you want to browse.

Executive Summary DataViews

DataViews: click the link to view Description of the DataView
Summary Patient DataView: Essential Diagnosis and Lifestyle Data This summery view has patients (healthy, polyps, cancer) information together including cancer stage (for cancer patients only), age, BMI, gender, smoker, diabetic, heart disease, stroke, neurodegeneration.

Summary Cancer Patient DataView for Diagnosis and Treatment This summary of important time-points for the cancer patients will be used to determine which of the cancer and polyp tissue stored the IU pathology lab can be used for the micro assays. This identifies those patients with no prior treatment when tissue collection and/or blood sample collection occurred.

CCE Summary Tracking DataView for Analyzed Blood Samples Total counts for analyzed blood samples, classified by lab analysis methods. Includes counts for essential demographic, lifestyle, and treatment information for the patients.

Ready to Transfer from IUCC to Labs for Analysis: Aliquot Count
Ready to Transfer from IUCC to Labs for Analysis: Sample Count
Ready to Transfer from IUCC to Labs for Analysis: Patient Count

This data view presents the current status of samples to be distributed. It includes healthy, polyp and cancer samples stored at both IUCC and Purdue Biosciences and shows the labs where those samples will be transferred.

CCE Patient and Sample Totals: DataView I

CCE Patient and Sample Totals: DataView II

Patients are divided into cancer, polyp and healthy. Samples identify totals per diagnosis category.

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