About Us

Our Mission

The cceHUB was created by funding from the U.S. Army Medical and Materiel Command and the Regenstrief Foundation to support the the Cancer Care Engineering project. Cancer Care Engineering (CCE) is a network of investigators across Indiana with a vision to revolutionize the current paradigms of cancer prevention, detection, treatment and care delivery by focusing on translating cancer research into clinical practice and focusing new research on the most important gaps in the cancer care system.

The mission of the CCE project is to integrate clinical, scientific and engineering disciplines into a systems-oriented approach to cancer care to foster more efficient, personalized and therefore more effective treatments and prevention strategies. We will promote the joint creation and sharing of educational materials, modules and experiences at all degree levels for use in the education and training of engineers, cancer biologists, health services researchers, medical practitioners in academia, industry and private practice. cceHUB will draw on the R&D output of projects integral to Purdue University, Indiana University School of Medicine, the Regenstrief Institute and the Roudebush Veterans Administration Medical Center, and the collective work of our colleagues in the field.

cceHUB leverages the HUBzero cyberinfrastructure technology created by Purdue University, and is developing significantly enhanced new technology to support a data intensive environment within which model simulations can drive new hypothesis driven cancer research.

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Take a tour of the cceHUB and see how you can use our infrastructure to further your own research and educational activities. Create your own account. It's free and will give you access to our online simulation tools,learning modules, and more. Become a contributor by uploading your own presentations and simulation tools onto cceHUB for others to share. Ask a question in our community forum, and let the community help you out.

What is Cancer Care Engineering ?

Cancer Care Engineering is the application of systems engineering principles to the broad spectrum of cancer prevention, treatment, and care delivery. The CCE vision was conceived and developed over a 12 month period during monthly meetings of the leadership of the Indiana University Cancer Center, the Purdue Cancer Center, and the Oncological Sciences Center in Purdue University’s Discovery Park with systems engineers at the Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering, and e-Enterprise Center in Discovery Park.

The core of the CCE project is based on visualizing complex cancer information and developing an overall intuition, from the development of the disease to the delivery of care, as a system that can be mathematically described and modeled using principles of systems engineering and novel statistical analyses. The power of this systems engineering approach is that the behavior of a system that can be mathematically described and modeled, can be predicted.


The cceHUB is designed to be a resource to the entire cancer community, but its creation is being spearheaded by the three themes of the CCE,

  • Biomarker pattern discovery using OMIC profiles,
  • Clinical-Basic Scientist linkages through systems level modeling, and
  • Translation of best practices and discovery implementation to improve prevention and care delivery.
Modeling, simulations and visualization analytics are cross-cutting themes in the CCE that connect computer scientists and applied statisticians to problem-driven scientists and engineers, to address large scale problems in cancer prevention, treatment and care delivery.