Powerful technology to collect, browse, explore and analyze data shared by medical researchers working together at the Hub.

International Thymic Malignancy Interest Group

Worldwide prospective & retrospective clinical data for thymic malignancies, providing a solid evidence basis to improve patient outcomes.

  • ITMIG portal
  • ITMIG database

The SafeRX Database

Center for Medication Safety Advancement investigation and analysis of drug-related adverse events reported to the FDA.

  • SafeRX forum
  • SafeRX dashboard

Camp Calcium
Metabolic Studies in Adolescents

Factors that improve bone building during adolescence, including dietary factors which influence calcium and bone metabolism.

Cancer Care Engineering

Molecular signatures for colorectal cancer predicting early disease onset and effective treatment response, to dramatically reduce death from cancer.

  • Clinical Data Viewer
  • Sample Tracking
  • Laboratory Data Repository
  • Executive Summary Reports

The Sankofa Project

Structured HIV disclosure intervention for resource-limited settings to improve the welfare of HIV-infected children and their caregivers.

  • Sankofa website
  • Sankofa database

The medical and scientific databases at cceHUB are collaborative efforts with research groups worldwide to advance knowledge and improve patient outcomes.

Our researchers study medication safety, thymic malignancies, colon cancer, breast cancer, HIV disclosure interventions, and calcium metabolism.

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